Sunday, September 26, 2010

.:.Lazy Sunday.:.

      Last night a couple of our good friends got married. Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, great night. However, this morning after only consuming half a cranberry and vodka, an amaretto sour and a class of Beringer White Zinfandel I am still feeling the effects. Ya know when you just kind of feel like crap? You have a headache and feel kind of funny in the stomach? That's me. The headache part I'm sure isn't helped by the gloomy weather here in PA either.
      Speaking of which, I thought it was fall? I envisioned myself wearing tights and a shawl with my dress at the wedding yesterday, instead I was sweating in a strapless dress! I really do believe in global warming after this crazy weather in 2010. Hopefully 2011 will turn out to be more predictable.
     Well I'm done rambling, so back to business... Last week a made this adorable minky blanket that I am still holding on to. I can't decide if I want to keep it for my future child or post it up on etsy! It's just too adorable- and soft!!

Acutally, I might use it for a gift set... that option seems to be taking the lead for what Le Bébé Nest should do in 2011. What do you think?

Short post on a lazy Sunday.

Always, CW

Monday, September 20, 2010

This and That

I love to be able to make creative items- and make them cheaply. I get great satisfaction out of making something with my own two hands, and saving money while doing it!! It's also always nice to be able to make something really cool that other people would like as well... like his wonderful creation below:
This handy little idea came to me after weeks of throwing away fresh fruit and veggies due to mine and my husband's horrible memory. If something isn't right in front of our face- we forget about it. Ta-da- The Fresh List. I simply took a magnetic erase board and tucked ribbon in around the edges, then hot glued the edges to make sure they stayed put. For the title I used scrabpooking chipboard letters I never got around to using and hot glued them on. Perfection. Now we always know what we have in the depths of our fridge!

I mentioned in my post before my love affair with scrapbook paper. I don't scrapbook much anymore, but oh how I love to collect the paper! It is so versatile. I have used it to wrap gifts, to make cards, cover small wooden boxes using the decoupage technqiue and lots more. My most recent creation:

My living room wall decor! This space was empty for a good 2-3 months. It was killing me. We spent a fraction of what we would have on these IKEA frames and picture rail than if we had tried to find an art print to go with our decor. That was the problem- we couldn't find an art print that matched our decor... so I went to AC Moore and got these awesome scrapbooking papers. I wish you could see the detail a little more. They aren't just one solid color, all have a litte design going on. They fill up the space nicely and the "art" cost less than $3. Talk about bang for your buck!

Once upon a time I lived in a space with lime green walls and equally bright colored accessories. Anyone who knows me, may remember the yearbook section from our freshman yearbook, and my "cool room" nomination. Bright- right? Anyway, I held onto these framed mirrors from that room that were metallic purple and pink with some sort of silver pattern on them... cute for a little girl maybe, but I wanted to use them in our new apartment, so those colors wouldn't quite cut it:

The end result. I sanded them down- dilemma - I didn't stop to think that the sand paper I was using would scratch the mirror. Ooops. Fix- use cooridinating neutral colored bottoms to frame the inside of the frames! They covered my mistake and added a cute little whimsical touch! Cost= $0. The mirrors were old, the paint was laying around and the buttons were pilling up in old ball jars from my grandmother. Love it!

Remember- most anything that you buy in the store can be done at home, it just takes a different way of thinking!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A look into my nest...

Let me just start off by saying... Martha Stewart is a Goddess... what can she NOT do... not to mention perfectly. I'm watching Martha Stewart Crafts on HSN's 24hour craft day event... I want everything and everything is ingenious! Ah, love her!!

Ok... onwards... we have started the hunt for houses. I have fallen in love with this quaint 1920's townhome that is almost perfect- except it only has 1.5 bathrooms- and the full bath is tight. However, I have been losing sleep... literally... over the way I will decorate my craft space. Big surprise I know. I have a wishlist treasury on etsy for some items I would like to include in my craft nook. It's a great list for any shabby chic lover... check out the link above.

I thought with this new space on the horizon, it might be fun to share my current workspace. So I took some time yesterday snapping a few pictures of the areas that I utilize to their fullest on a regular basis. First and most importantly, the sewing area...

This small space serves as my sewing area. It really is the desk in our living room, but rarely gets used as such because my sewing machine is usually imposing on it's territory. I wish the surface area was a little larger, but it serves the purpose. I must give a shout out to my brother CS6000i... great little machine.

I truly do live in a multi-purpose apartment and one requirement for our new house is a large surface area in the kitchen. My current "island"(above) is used for rolling out pie dough, being the collection spot for groceries when we walk in the door and cutting and pinning fabric. It is my favorite feature of our apartment. Notice my ironing board in the upper right hand corner... that's our small hallway where my ironing board often stands ground.

My most favorite spot in the apartment on this crafting-space tour is the corner of our bedroom where all of my fabric lives...

I hoard fabric like I hoard scrapbooking paper... I just LOVE it. It's so pretty. My "candy store" is Burkholder Fabrics in Denver, Pa. I could spend houuuurs in there. They have the best selection of fabrics a girly could ask for- and reasonably priced. This craft area quickly outgrew itself- as you can see by the mess growing between our armoire and the closetmaid cubby system we set up.

As functional as my space is now... oh how I dream of that perfect craft nook to nestle all of my Martha Stewart craft items ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

hello blogging world...

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