About Chrissy

Both of my grandmothers taught me everything I know about being crafty and creative and that is what I've grown up with a passion for doing. My paternal grandmother (Mildred Elizabeth) taught me how to sew, as well as a plethora of other things(crochet, decoupage, bake, canning, etc) when I used to spend my summers with her as a child. My maternal grandmother (Dorothy Lou) has shared with me many family recipes and continues to swap yummy recipes with me. I wanted to dedicate my blog and etsy shop to them- without them, I wouldn't be who I am today!

You'll also see some posts of my newest obsession, and something I've always been interested in, photography. Recently I've been taking some shots and have fallen in love!

My favorite shopping adventure is to a fabric store. All of the patterns and colors are so exciting and there are endless possibilities for how you decide to use it! I also share a passion for baking and nothing makes me more happy (well, except maybe fabric, DIY and taking pictures) then making something delicious and watching my friends and family indulge in it! What I hope to do through my blog is inspire you all to see that fabric isn't just used for sewing and share with you all of the delicious recipes that I make for my friends and family, for you to share with yours!

I live with my wonderful husband and little puppy, Lillian in Pennsylvania. My husband is so patient with coming home to dinner not started because I've gotten so consumed with a project! I am an RN currently working as a Health Coach at a company in Philadelphia. But my passion is doing anything creative!

Lillian Grace: Elizabeth Lou & Company Mascot