Saturday, January 5, 2013

Faux E.L Fudges

One day, my husband was snacking. One of his staples is animal crackers with peanut butter. However, we had recently acquired a new tub of Nutella, which I often eat with peanut butter for lunch. He decided to mix things up a bit and dipped his animal crackers in the smooth, creamy, chocolate and hazelnut mixture.

Being the sweet, thoughtful husband that he is. He made me my own little plate of snacks, which he often does when he's snacking himself. I was astonished to realize that they tasted almost exactly like one of my childhood favorites- E.L. Fudge cookies!

You only need two ingredients to make your own, Nutella and Animal Crackers:

You can dip them or make little sandwiches. Eat them however you like! They're delicious and I'm sure better for you than the ones sitting on the shelf in the grocery store! ENJOY!

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