Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why is it...

that all Sundays are lazy ones? Today started out as a beautiful fall day. We went to look at houses- which went well by the way. I'm quite excited about the prospects available in the marvelous Skippack area. But now... now, it's cloudy and lazy. Another lazy Sunday. So the hubs and I are catching up on the beginning of Gladiator which we started watching half way through last night- and absolutely plan to eat our dinner camped out with pillows and blankets on the living room floor :)

I made a couple of vinyl bibs on Friday. However, I'm in somewhat of a rutt for what to make next. I have so many items in  my shop already that I'm quite honestly running out of room to store everything. I'd like to sell some more items before I bury myself in baby stuff! So, I took a break from baby items and made new pillows for our bed. They came out perfectly! Have I found my new calling? Possibly. I'd love to start a home decor shop,  as well as a jelly shop- which would include jellies, jams, relishes etc (all things canned).

So anyway... I got this fabulous Kate Spain Fabric from Lola Pink Fabrics. This shop is great- a huge selection of absolutely perfect fabrics and great customer service!  I went based off of the idea that I had for a pocket pillow in my head... which is unfortunate because I wanted to make two but ran out of fabric. I have a few rough measurements, but no pattern so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the second one comes out similar to the first! This was my first attempt at button holes. I was quite terrified by the prospect, which is why at all costs I've avoided them until now. But I was up for a challenge,  and if I do say so myself they turned out splendidly.

My next challenge was piping. I had investigated a how-to on youtube. Did I every mention how much I love youtube. So helpful. Anyway, I used the fabric from the pillow above for a contrast and went from there. It was a pretty successful first attempt, albeit timely.

So, I'll be posting up those bibs this evening on etsy. And don't forget to give me your e-mail address if you'd like to be signed up for the bimonthly newsletter from Le Bébé Nest! Be the first to find out about new products, sales and discussions. Edition No.1 will be coming out this week!


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