Friday, April 1, 2011

It's been a long time...

Moving into our new home has consumed most of my life these days... but things are just about situated so I'm back... and with another etsy shop!

I love Le BeBe Nest and everything it entails, but it's such a narrow group of cosumers that I reach- so I decided to use my other passion... baking as another etsy endeavor!

I started The Baking Bar this past week... check it out at :)

This is just a little update for now... I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with pictures of my new craft room! I can't wait to show it off. Such a great improvement from the island I used in our apartment. A big thank you to my husband who insisted that I use a spare bedroom for this space that's all my own. He is the greatest!

Be back on Sunday!

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