Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's been way too long...

I know, I know. I said I was taking a break for the month of January... and I'm just getting back into the swing of things in April! The house has consumed my life, more than I thought! I live for trips to home depot now... wondering what new project we can start. We have started many, let me tell you.

Things are finally settling down, not many projects left at this point- just things to buy!

One of the first rooms to be finished was my craft room. Do you remember the pictures from a few posts ago? Click back if you don't- check out my previous make-shift craft space.

Now... Check this out!

My haven. I love just coming in here to do random things... currently, before writitng my blog, I was planning the menu for next week. Don't give me too much credit... usually I do it on Fridays. I'm usually not this much of a planner! My first purchase for this room was the cabinet you see sitting in the corner. A craigslist find... $65 in Philadelphia. I painted it white, then sanded it down to show some wear. It's a gorgeous piece.. the glass is original... you can see the piting and all... love that!

Probably one of my most rewarding projects... at least in my craft room. This was a country bumpkin butcher block table that we found on craigslist for $50. We took off the legs and bought new ones from home depot- pub height, which I... brown washed? I found the color brown I needed, but wanted to show off the grain of the wood. So I painted the color on and then wiped it off right away. It worked swell! We (myself, my husband and my dad) then sanded down the table top and I white washed it. The side panels were originally white-washed to match the table. I wasn't impressed. I wish I could say the following brillantly creative idea was mine... but it was my husbands. He suggested covering the sides in fabric. AH! I knew I married him for good reason!

My sewing station.... still need to put some shelves in the space to the right in the closet. Yes... that's a closet. We took off the doors and I just put up a tension rod and curtains to cover the ugly track. That desk look familiar? It's the same one I used in the apartment for my sewing machine.. reuse and recycle! A big thank you to my big brother for running the electrial in the closet for my sewing machine!

Gingher scissors... a MUST HAVE for any avid sewer. They are my favorite. And, yes, I splurge and buy the limited edition ones because they're pretty. What can I say... I'm a girl!

A flea market find... this light is amazing... see the little light on the bottom? It's great for detail work and I can switch the lights on or off, depending on how much of the chandelier I want to utilize. I  just spray painted it silver to match the room- simple enough! Another thank you to my brother who ran the electrical work so that I could hang this. :)

I am in love with antique mason jars... did you know ones with the number "13" stamped on the bottom are very rare? Apparently, people were very superstitious in the old days and they would break them to avoid bad luck. I'm on a mission to find one...

My dad made me this great scrapbook paper station. I saw one in a magazine that was ridiculously priced- so I recruited my papa to make one from his wood pile. The slats the papers are on even pull out for ease of use!

That is my little love under the table... lillian grace. Isn't she too cute :o) Oh, and the chair... got it on clearence at IKEA- 60 bucks!

LOVE it :)

So, what's new in my life... well not much at the moment for normal, everyday things. The husband and I have decided to mix up our eating habits a bit... a flaw of mine is that I tend to eat the same thing... I think he was a little tired of eating similar meals every week :) So, once a week, we try a totally different meal. Last week we had goat cheese and asparagus pasta. I  never would have thought I like goat cheese, but, YUM. This week is beef tips with noodles.

Le Bebe Nest hasn't been keeping me too busy lately. I had a huge inventory of items for a bit, so I decided to stop creating and make some room in my storage space! I did liquidate a lot of inventory at a little vendor sale that my mother's work was holding. I've also signed up for my first craft show! It's this June in Skippack- the Summertyme Festival, to be specific. I'm pretty excited about that new endeavor.

I've also started a new etsy shop... The Baking Bar. It's quite a lot of fun, and I get to enjoy creating by doing the other thing I LOVE to do.  I love getting to try new recipes, as well as create my own. Not long ago I created the perfect peanut butter frosting. Uh... salivating just thinking about it. I could serioulsy eat it off a spoon- and I am not a huge icing fan. It's sweet- but not sicky sweet, and packs lots of peanut butter flavor! Hopefully one of my shops will become wildly successful and I can quit my day job :) Dreaming? Maybe... but that's what I like to do!

Well, that's all for now folk's... time to watch my DVR'd shows!

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  1. Oh my goodness this is the cutest room! I love your table! Is that Amy Butler Fabric on it? So Cute! And now I totally want to find a mason jar with the #13 on it! Cool!