Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little Cubicle Inspiration

That little space you see above is where I spend four days of my week. They did some rearranging at work. I used to have two walls and the rest of my space was wide open and was located next to the nice large windows you see in picture. Now, I have a cozy closed in space, still in the same spot, and with my nice large windows. However, I was tired of looking at drab, office cubicle walls. If I was going to be closed in, I needed some color!

So, I decided to do what I do best. Use my favorite fabrics in an unconventional way! I decided to use some fabric I had laying around to brighten up my space.

As you can see from the picture below I added fabric to the bulletin board to the left of my workspace. This was really simple. This actually is a detachable board so it makes hiding the pins super easy. I just wrapped the board in fabric and used dress pins to secure the fabric on the back of the board. I suggest pinning once on all four sides of the board  (in the middle) and then working your way out, pulling securely before placing each pin. Then just attach the board back to the rails and TA DA... wonderful color and pattern!

The board to the right of my workspace was a little more tricky, but not too hard at all. I simply made the fabric fit to the same dimensions as the wall that was there. I folded the fabric over to make a nice clean edge and then simply pinned along the hem line. You can see the pins, but luckily I have cute metallic pastel pins so it actually gives it some nice detail! I added a ribbon on the bottom because I had to add another piece of fabric (the same that I used on the other bulletin board) since the piece I was using for this side wasn't quite long enough for the space.

There you have it. A simple (and easily removable) cubicle decoration. Hopefully this inspires you to brighten up your workplace!

Have a great weekend!

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