Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a horrible Blogtress I've been...

I have to apologize for my very inappropriate, and inexcusable lack of posts! This shortness of daylight has made it very difficult to take pictures for my blog.... I know, that's  an excuse... but it is true as well!

For my lack of posts, I've decided to post two today. So lets start with the first one....

I have a  new obsession. One I was quite taken aback by. I have always loved photography, I love to take photos, I love to look at pretty photos... but I never thought I would love "photography" so much! I took a photography class in high school with a 35mm camera and got the whole experience.... developing my own photos and all. I adored that, but I also knew that photography was a very expensive hobby, and also very technical. Learning apertures, shutter speed and ISO did not seem easy.

Well, as you may know, I have an Etsy shop ( that sells women's and children's accessories. I know, that when I buy something, I always like to see someone wearing it... it makes it much easier to decide if i'll like it. So, I decided it would be nice to try and get some models for my items. I used my niece, Ella, who is 6 for the first shoot. That took some bribing... let me tell you. However, I had a lot of cute little baby headbands that I wanted showcase as well. So, I asked my very nice neighbor and friend, if she would be willing to let me have a little modeling session with her adorable little girl, Layla. She was very willing to help, and I thank her very much for that!

So, as I said previously... I have always been in love with photography, if you remember from one of my earlier posts (here) I talked about the photography workshop that I went to a few months ago. Since then, I've been becoming increasingly more interested. Mostly, I wanted to become an excellent photographer so that when I have babies, I can take pictures of them all day long! (and not have to pay someone to do it).

However, in the process of asking my husband to build  me -this-  photography backdrop (I love me a handy man!) and I started to aquire props etc, I fell in love. I loved building the set and coming up with creative and fun ideas to photography her. 

THEN, it came time to photo little Layla, and she was such a doll- so well behaved, and did I mention adorable? Yupp, fell in love even more. 

THEN, when it came time to edit the photos, I fell head over heels! Despite the fact that my trial version of Adobe Lightroom 3 had run out and I was forced to use the free software, Picnik (which was frustrating to say the least), I LOVED editing. My husband literally had to pull me away from the computer, as if I was an addict. I think my obsession was partly because I wasn't happy with the edited photos. I was use to Adobe Lightroom 3, which edits RAW images. If you use something like Picnik, or most anything other than Lightroom or Aperture, you have to edit JPEGS. When you edit JPEGS, you havelost 70% of the data in the photo, which makes the images much more difficult to edit successfully.

So, anyway, please enjoy the photos from my photo session with Miss Layla modeling items from Elizabeth Lou and Company!

There are so many more to share, but my photo software keeps closing on me! UGH.

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