Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Design at Elizabeth Lou & Company's Shop!

For those of you who also follow my Facebook page, you may recall a couple of weeks ago me getting your opinions on interchangeable headbands for Elizabeth Lou & Company's shop. I love designing new accessories for little ones, but I know how fast they grow and a once loved headband is quickly outgrown, especially if it was made for an infant.

So, I decided to experiment with different ways to make the headbands interchangeable. Not only will you be able to now, wear your favorite embellishment on your little ones {or you!} as they get older, but you will also have the ability to change the headband to any color or material you desire. I am super excited to introduce to you, the new line of interchangeable headbands at Elizabeth Lou & Company!

Below is an example of some of the designs I have worked on recently that will be available in my shop shortly. We will be away this afternoon, but I hope to start posting them this evening!

The options I experimented with were velcro, snaps and clips. When I polled my dear Facebook friends, it was about 50/50 between snaps and clips. NO ONE picked velcro- I totally agree!

In the end, I made the executive decision to offer clips in my shop. Simply because they are the most versatile and you can put them on hats, scarves, in your hair, on your flip flops- the possibilities are endless! My only dilemma was this... I was not a huge fan of the metal being right against my clients skin. So, I decided to wrap the clips in ribbon. It's always important to me to offer the highest quality products possible, and I think the ribbon will be better against the skin, and it also gives the clips a much more finished look. Check out below!

Much improved, right?! I cannot wait to start pumping out more of these little gems! I will also continue to offer other baby items every so often- primped onsies, quilts, bibs, burp cloths and I am currently working on a quilted blanket. You get the look and design of a quilt, without the bulk and weight of the quilt batting. 

Of course, since I have changed the design of my headbands, all of the headbands currently in my shop will now be on sale- YAY! Stop by today, before the sales starts to the public on Monday. You can use code SpecialFan30 to receive your 30% off!

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