Friday, August 24, 2012

Yo-Yo Pillow How-To

I posted a picture of this project a few weeks ago on instagram while I was making it. It's a Yo-Yo Pillow I made for Everleigh's nursery. I saw something similar on Etsy and of course, decided to try and make my own!

Let my try and show you how...

1. I started by choosing my fabrics for the yo-yos. I used a CD as a template for this step.

2. I then cut out a large white circle, using a dinner plate as a template, for the background of the pillow. This allowed me to place the fabric yo-yo's on the pillow in the order that I wanted.

3. To make the fabric yo-yo's you can follow the tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.
4. After all of the fabric yo-yo's were in a order that I liked on the white background, I used a small dot of hot glue on the back of each to secure them to the circle, making sure to leave enough fabric for the hem (about 1/2").
5. When all yo-yo's are glued on, I also suggest sewing them on by hand to secure them. 
6. At this point, put the right sides of the white fabric together and sew them, using 1/2" hem, leaving a small opening for stuffing. 
7. Next, turn the pillow inside out, so the yo-yos are on the outside, then stuff the pillow and sew it up!

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