Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Things

As you may have noticed from my new blog look and header... there are a few changes going on at Elizabeth Lou and Company. Through my quest to capture the perfect images, to showcase my pieces for Elizabeth Lou and Company, I fell in love with photography!

My relationship with photography started in high school when I took a class using a 35mm and a dark room. I loved the whole process and loved taking photos! Now, I have a DSLR and for awhile was one of those people who kept it on "auto" because I was so overwhelmed by it's capabilities. However, I took a photography class this past October with Okello Dunkley. He holds DSLR workshops in major cities, and his classes are really good! My husband coaxed me to go to the class. He knew I wanted to learn how to REALLY use my DSLR, but I was super intimidated. After taking Okello's class and practicing LOTS, my shots started to become what I wanted them to be, which was very exciting! I have also learned... there is always more to learn!

I want to be there to capture moments in time, and to create amazing pictures for people. I have a horrible memory, so pictures for me, are how I remember things. You have to capture the present, to make history. I have a soft spot for newborn shots and I really am a prop junkie! Everywhere I go I see something that I think would make a great prop... my mind thinks in photo props these days! I love all of the creativity that goes along with getting a great shot. It makes my heart happy to see the end result of a beautiful photo that I created and others will enjoy for years to come!

So, friends and family, I would like to introduce you all to Elizabeth Lou Photography & Handmade Delights (I still have my cute little Etsy shop and love creating things!). I hope you all love the photos I share with you and will spread the word about my creations... digital and otherwise! I have found something that truly makes me tick... it's an obsession really...

If you would like to book a session, contact me!

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