Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prophecy Creek Park

I was asked about a month ago to take some family photos for my sister-in-law's, sister's family. I am very new to the photography thing, but I said sure, I could use the practice!

My biggest dilemma was, WHERE am I going to take these photos... I knew the look I wanted. I wanted some interesting architectual backgrounds with nice texture and was stumped by where I would find this. There is Skippack Village, which is a mile from my house... but that has a busy road going through and there was a little one involved. I also thought about downtown Ambler, which is a cute little place, but again, a road going straight through it.

On the way to work one morning, I was keeping my eyes peeled for some interesting places. I saw a sign for "Prophecy Creek Park" in Ambler, as well as a sign for "The Manor House"- wedding, events and catering. I called to enquire about the park and found out that it's free and open to the public! They just ask that you call before using the grounds for photos, in case there is a wedding scheduled.

I was doing some research about the place and came across this whole plan for the park. Apparently it's a preserved land that they plan on adding an amphitheater too and paved walkways, around the multiple acre lands. I found a gem!

If you live in the area and want to read more about it, please check out the link below!

I loved taking the pictures... little Mia is so entertaining and adorable and Ellie is a cutie... and so sweet! They're a beautiful family!


  1. Beautiful pictures! We are having our wedding reception at the Manor, and given its newness, good landscape pics are hard to come by! Any tips on good locations? It'll be late October, so I'm looking forward to beautiful foliage!

  2. Hi there- it is a beautiful place and there are lots of great places to take photos! I particularly like rustic pictures with great architectural backgrounds and they have lots of that there (barns silos etc). Congrats and I'm sure it will be lovely in the fall!